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Advantages of ChatBot

Simple, fast and effective

Unlimited attention to users and clients

You can provide unlimited attention to users in different locations and at all times.

Tone and language for each company

Configuration according to the tone and language of each company and business.

Use of natural language

Use natural language with clear and brief expressions.

Increase contacts and sales

Increases user and customer satisfaction. Increase qualified leads, proposals.

Answers in your language

Improve your users' satisfaction by serving them in their own language. 

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Fast and accurate responses

Integrate artificial intelligence into your website

The ChatBot is configured and integrated with the content of your website. Thanks to its KNOWLEDGE it offers a greater capacity for instant and precise resolution of questions and doubts.


Seamlessly engage in natural, interactive dialogues for personalized and efficient interactions.


Responds with empathy and precision, adapting to the user's needs and feelings.


Ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages, expanding your global reach.

Always active

Available 24/7 to provide immediate responses and maintain constant interaction.

Powerful AEON AI ChatBot solution at your fingertips

Personalized experience for each client

AEON Chat has impressive language and understanding capabilities. Seamless integration with customizable options and an incredible natural language processor to improve interactions with users. Increase user and customer satisfaction and increase qualified leads and sales.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our system understands and analyzes human language contextually, allowing for more natural and meaningful interactions.


Platform Integration

Chat AI integrates seamlessly across multiple platforms and channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media.



We offer customization options to adapt artificial intelligence to the needs and tone of your brand, creating a more authentic user experience.


Quick and Accurate Responses

The AI ChatBot provides instant and accurate answers to user questions, improving customer satisfaction.


Extensive Knowledge Bases

Our system accesses an extensive database to provide up-to-date and relevant information to users.


Analysis of data

Chat AI collects data about interactions, allowing you to better understand user trends and needs.


24/7 Support

Users can interact with the AI at any time, ensuring constant and accessible support.



Our solution can handle a large number of simultaneous interactions, growing alongside your business.

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ChatBot AI for sectors and business models


E-commerce and retail

Online stores use ChatBot by providing product information and product recommendations.


Banks, consultancies, lawyers

These sectors use AI Chat as “intelligent consultants” who can answer customer questions, guidance, investments, laws, etc.


Healthcare sector

Hospitals and clinics use AI chatbots for purposes such as scheduling appointments, providing information on health topics, sports, healthy living, etc.



The education sector uses Chat to provide thematic information about products, courses, etc., to both students and teachers.



AI chatbots are used as virtual agents and advisors to present products and answers according to the services offered by each company.



AI chatbots help manufacturers with the engagement of customers, suppliers, etc., offering quick and accurate information and responses.



Travel agencies and operators have a great work tool to offer information on each destination, plans for families, type of trip, etc.

El ChatBot de IA proporciona respuestas instantáneas y precisas

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Solve your doubts

A Chatbot Smart Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that uses natural language processing to communicate with users. You can answer questions, provide information, perform tasks, and improve user experiences on websites and applications.

Chatbot intelligent assistants improve customer service by offering instant responses 24/7. They save time and resources by automating routine tasks, help qualify leads, and provide personalized recommendations, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Yes, Chatbot smart assistants can be tailored to suit various industries and business needs. They can be programmed to understand industry-specific terminology and offer relevant solutions, making them versatile tools for businesses of all types.

Chatbot intelligent assistants use machine learning algorithms to analyze user interactions and learn from them. They continually improve their responses based on user feedback and data, ensuring interactions become more accurate and useful over time.

Chatbot smart assistants can be integrated into websites, messaging apps, social media platforms, and even voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows companies to reach customers through multiple channels and touchpoints.