Tips to Optimize Google Ads Campaign

Tips to Optimize Google Ads Campaign

Prevent Overexposure of your Ads

Anything in excess spoils the essence of itself. Hence, try to limit the frequency of your ad to avoid overexposure. The best way to avoid it is by using the feature of frequency capping where it limits the number of times your ad is shown to the same user.

Observation for optimization

The best way to maximize the efficiency and performance of your Google ads campaign is through the proper and timely observation of your ads. You can use the observation feature to regularly monitor the performance of your ads at the selected placements, target audience, etc ad then use the very data to enhance the performance of ad during your campaign.

With the optimization feature you can always the makes changes and in turn provide a boost to your PPC strategy also using the stats the future of the campaign be economize.

Allocate the budget based on Performance

If you manage several different campaigns these budget allocation is a critical decision, you need to understand that the allocation of budget should be done after careful evaluation of the past performance of the ads. A campaign performing better should be prioritize and the budget allocation should be done respectively. By providing more money to the ones performing better you can reach your business goals and by using less resources on the ones that aren’t you can always increase the ROI.

Usage of Extensions

The advertisements can be strategically used by usage of extensions as it can directly lead your customers to your product or the page. Its rather effective as people tend to procrastinate as soon as the ad vanishes from their sights so if you use extensions it increases the possibility of conversions through the ads.

The advantage on using extension is to increase the traffic on your site so that the ad can cater to a larger audience. The youth of today is vigilant and they seem to look for unique and useful products or service. So if you enable your ads with the extensions they in turn increase the chances of better performance of your campaigns.

Choosing the best bidding strategy

The entire ad system of google is based on a bidding system wherein you pay for the ads to be shown to other users. The system can be categorized in 3

types of biding strategies –

  • CPC stands for cost-per-click system where you pay for each click on your advertisement.
  • Cost Per Mile refers to the system where amount is generated on basis of thousand ad impressions, that is when your ad is shown to one thousand persons.
  • Cost per Engagement is the amount you pay when engagement is done using your ad.

The biding should be a conscious decision as is can make your campaign a profitable investment for your business. The correct bidding strategy can optimize your PPC strategy.

Improve your Quality Score(QS)

The Google search engine is a ranking based search engine where the ads are displayed according to the quality score. The higher the quality score the better your placement is on the search engine. The chances of conversion is higher if the eyeballs seeing them is relatively high.

The search engine places the advertisements on the basis the rankings and the best way to increase your ranking is by increasing your CTR (Click Through Rate) that is the number of clicks the ads gets when it is displayed. For enhancement of CTR your ad must cater to the following requirements

  • Relevancy of the keywords
  • Meeting the search intent of the searcher
  • User experience of the loading page.

Improvement and enhancement

Now that you have come across various techniques to optimize your Google ads it should be a matter of time to enhance the efficiency in the way the ads are used. Using these very measures you can Optimize how your ad reflects on the search engine and increase the conversions on your product or service.